Here follows a brief rundown of the cast and crew of Furmentation. With so many characters, it can be easy to confuse them, and thus provided below are their names and what they're usually upto in Furmentation. Further Bios will be forthcoming in the future.
Xodin - A.K.A The Hamster Sergeant:
Potentially the best known and well loved (as well as most troubled) character in Furmentation, Xodin goes through each day attempting to survive what life has to throw at him. His closest friend is his Guardian Angel, Corey, who's day long vacation led to more trouble and strife visited upon Xodin than all the lifetime of Job. His next closest friends would be Wooten and Christine whom he met at the Unclear University of wizardry.
Corey - A.K.A. K'Ray:
Even angels deserve a day off, right? Right? Guess not. He's been serving as Xodin's Guardian Angel, however he took some vacation time and when he got back he found his ward swimming in the middle of the ocean. He spends every day having to thwart the outside forces of Karma that seem to have it in for Xodin, which isn't always easy when sometimes that means trying to talk Xodin out of doing silly things like saving the world.
General Gulley:
Generals in the Hamster Military wear purple berets. General Gulley was personal military advisor to the king of the Hamster Monarchy until his duties forced him to leave the island in a diversion tactic. He now spends his days on board a submarine, forever beset by the constant bickering of his two crewmates, Maeyen and Thompson. Tends to be cynical about life, but an optimist none-the-less.
Thompson... If Gulley is a cynical Optimist, then Thompson would be the cynical Pessimist. The Hamster Monarchy didn't have much of a Black Operations program, and once Thompson got involved, he quickly became all there was to it. His aid in the military operation to rid the Monarch Kingdom of the initial Lexisian Mongol Mouse Invasion resulted in him getting stuck in the Kingdom's only submarine with General Gulley.
Maeyen - A.K.A. The Immortal Hero:
The Hero of her people the villagers of the Sakain Isle, it is her destiny to do great things. She didn't count on her destiny involving getting dragged around the archipelago cooped up in a submarine with two of the most irritating hamsters on Earth.
Alecksi XVI:
His family used to rule the islands that are now The Mouse Republic. They were powerful rulers (easily identifiable by the horns growing out of their heads, which exist for no currently known reason). For the last eight generations his family has survived as a seafaring nomadic nation composed of some of the hardest and most brutal mouse soldiers in history. They've seen many battles, and over the last eight generations almost succeeded on four occasions to reclaim the Mouse Republic for their own.
Alecksi has led his nation in a new direction. A military genius in his own right, he swore a private vow that he would establish a permanent nation for his people before his death. His sights have been set upon the Monarch Hamsters, seeing their primarily pacifistic nation and poor military as the perfect target to conquer.

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